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Beta test the worlds most advanced CRE loan matching technology

Be one of the first brokers in the world to use the latest invention in CRE Loan matching technology. CRE Broker Box has been give exclusive access to beta test a CRE loan matching platform so revolutionary it will literally change that way CRE loans are originated forever!

Just imagine a technology that can infinitely expand with the ability to learn all while matching a borrower to custom loan options and programs that are perfectly matched to meet that deals specific lending needs, saving the borrower valuable time and resources by “getting it right” the first time in connecting the borrower to the right lenders with best programs.

This beta test is exclusive to our platform. As a CRE Broker Box subscriber, you and you alone will have exclusive access to this technology. At this time no other brokerage or commercial real estate loan originators will have access to this technology.

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Borrower applies for a loan

The borrow simply fills out a quick 5-10 minute CRE loan  application from the comfort of their couch using either their computer or smartphone.

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Matched to the lender

The borrower is qualified and matched with up to a half dozen lenders and lending programs that specifically meet the needs of that particular transaction.

Choose what is best for you

The borrow picks the best program for them, submits the required documents and they are their way to getting their transaction funded.


Choose, quality, funding... Easy as that!

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